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Comment 20 OCTOBER 2012

Crowds cheer as the happy newlyweds share a loving balcony kiss

A sea of supporters gathered beneath the balcony of Luxembourg's Grand Ducal Palace to see Prince Guillaume and Princess Stephanie share a loving kiss.

The couple were bathed in sunlight as they embraced, not once, but three times to celebrate their marriage.




Following their glorious ceremony at Our Lady of Luxembourg Cathedral, the hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess made their way to the palace by car, waving to well-wishers as they went.

As the crowd cheered the kiss they had all been waiting for the newlyweds were joined by other members of their royal family including Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

Luxembourg's current heads of state shared a similar kiss on the very same balcony after their wedding in February 1981.



Also making an appearance on the balcony were Guillaume's dashing brothers and his sister, Princess Alexandra, who was one of Stephanie's bridesmaids.

Whilst the young couple enjoyed the iconic moment, their royal guests continued to arrive for the palace's highly anticipated reception proceedings that will carry on long into the night.

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