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Comment 20 OCTOBER 2012

Hats off: the stylish guests and their magnificent headgear

It wouldn't be a royal wedding without an array of magnificent headwear on display. And the royal guests at the nuptials of Prince Guillaume and Princess Stephanie certainly didn't disappoint.

Responsible for the lion's share of hats at Saturday's religious wedding ceremony was Belgian milliner Fabienne Delvigne, the go-to headpiece designer of many of Europe's royal ladies.




Perfectly setting off her 'duck green' hued outfit, Princess Tessy of Luxembourg chose a spectacular hat in lame banana fiber, sparkling with iridescent threads.

Hat fan Princess Maxima chose a magnificent plumed headpiece in ocre in the same shade as her outfit.


Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg wore a stylish red turban-style titfer made from banana fibers and embroidered with pearls to complement her bright scarlet outfit.

Also opting to wear Fabienne's designs were Belgian royals Queen Paola, Princess Mathilde and Princess Claire.

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