Luxembourg's Prince Guillaume celebrates National Day as wedding plans gather pace

As Luxembourg's Prince Guillaume took part in his country's spectacular National Day celebrations, the grandeur of his own impending wedding must have crossed his mind.

The 30-year-old Hereditary Grand Duke recently announced his engagement to Countess Stephanie de Lannoy, 28, who did not attend the patriotic extravaganza.  

Now, preparations are gathering pace for Guillaume, who is the last single heir to a European throne.

The palace recently announced that two days of celebrations will mark the October 20 nuptials.

With Stephanie absent during National Day, her husband-to-be took on official duties alongside other members of the royal family, including his sister, Alexandra.

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and his sister Princess Alexandra 

Luxembourg's current ruler Grand Duke Henri and wife Duchess Maria Teresa 

Prince Felix, Prince Louis and his wife Princess Tessy 

From left to right: Prince Guillaume with Princess Alexandra, Prince Felix, Princess Tessy and Prince Louis 

The royal family attend a church service 

Prince Guillaume greets locals 

The heir to the throne and his sister Alexandra wave to crowds 


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